Qed Treo Fix

Qed + Qed Fix = Happy Treo Developer :-)

Qed is my favorite palm text editor (mostly for OnBoardC programming).
Unfortunately, it was not updated since several months making it incompatible with some new devices :-( Qed Treo Fix defeats the most annoying deficiency on Treo 600/650: it enables Qed to use the "Alt" key so you can enter all special characters!

Without Qed Treo Fix, Qed just crashes when you press "Alt" on Treo 600 (and does nothing on Treo 650).

Qed Treo Fix was tested with Qed v2.90 and Treo 600/650. There is probably no purpose of running this application in any other configuration.

Click here to download Qed Fix
Usage: Just install the file and Qed will recognize the Alt key!
You can temporarily disable the Qed Fix by clicking the "Disable" button in the Qed Fix application.

Qed Homepage on QLand.de
Long time ago, when Palm applications were about 50KB in size, it was the only text editor that could edit 200KB file having only 50KB free memory available. It was also smaller in size than many other document readers despite having a full set of editing options. And now... almost nothing has changed. Qed is still only 50KB and its unique features make it the best editor for onboard development.

Note: Qed Treo Fix does not modify Qed (it is not a patch), it only intercepts certain events and handles them before Qed. After deleting the fix, Qed will revert to its default behavior (crash on Treo 600 / do nothing on Treo 650).

(C)2005 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING