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Video Jigsaw

Entire world is a jigsaw puzzle!

Video Jigsaw takes live video from the Treo camera and makes the jigsaw puzzle of it. When used without a camera it switches to the built-in animation - randomly generated "city" view with fireworks and spotlights reflecting in water.
On most new devices you can also use the third option - turn your personal photos into puzzles (requires the Palm/PalmOne Media application or Tapwave Zodiac Photos application)

Of course this application is completely useless, except that everyone should try it at least once to experience this unusual feeling of dragging fragments of the reality ;-)



This toy is Freeware! Enjoy! And please send me a postcard if you like it :-)
Szymon Ulatowski
ul.Rzadzkiego 48
36-100 Kolbuszowa


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Technical Issues

More screenshots

Zodiac wide screen
Using the standard Zodiac "Moraine+Rays" photo

Low resolution
Same photo on Treo 600

Built-in animation (Treo 650)
On the actual device the animation
is generated algorithmically so it is ideally
fluent and does not loop

Treo 650
High resolution video

Treo 600
Low resolution video with the usual
Treo 600 "out of this world" color handling

Treo 600
Low resolution version of the animation

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