Arcade Reality

for iPhone + Palm Treo/Centro

"For over 30 years millions of aliens are slaughtered daily in video games.
Until now they could not strike back.
Until now they could not attack us in the real world..."


9-Oct-2009: Arcade Reality for iPhone! - get it in the AppStore
Note: The iPhone version needs compass, which means you need iPhone 3GS to play it. This is because the camera cannot be used for detecting motion, like in the Palm version.

Meet "Arcade Reality"

No more killing feeble aliens on the tiny 2" x 2" screen! In this game you must handle hostile creatures floating around you in the real world.

How is this possible? Imagine you have a device, like night vision goggles, that can detect out-of-this-world objects... and when playing Arcade Reality, your Treo is such device.

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Imaginary game objects in 3D and their on-screen rendering

The artificial object (target) overlaid on the real world view in Arcade Reality

How does it work?

Game objects are overlaid on the live camera view (this technology is called Augmented Reality). When you turn around, your motion is calculated based on what is seen by the camera and the game view gets updated accordingly.

As you can see, motion is the key. Unlike most games where you only train your fingers, you must actually move to play Arcade Reality!


Apart from being a nice Augmented Reality demonstration, this game also has:
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