Arcade Reality

for iPhone + Palm Treo/Centro

Which game mode should I play?

Arcade Reality Infinite Shooter Asteroids Mode
Overview Shooting game where the precision gets awarded. Every 5th level is a bonus level with unique goal or a boss character to defeat using nonstandard methods. Shoot everything that moves. Fly a little spaceship killing asteroids and occasional aliens. Unlike the classic, it requires the perfect orientation in 3D.
Difficulty level Medium Easy Hard
Perspective First Person First Person Third Person
Game structure Player is given 3 minutes for the whole game. In each regular level you lose some time for the game and win some bonus seconds (see Special scoring below). By maintaining the positive balance you can play for quite long before running out of time.

Every 5th level is a bonus level where you can win power-ups or extra time by completing a special mission
Single play, no levels Unlimited number of uniform levels (having the increasing number of asteroids)
Level goal Regular levels:
1.Destroy all aliens.
2.Using the least possible time
3.Using the least possible number of shots

Bonus levels: various
Destroy as many aliens as possible Destroy all asteroids
Special scoring Player is awarded bonus seconds after completing the regular level with shooting efficiency of at least 40% (calculated as "hits / fires")
100%60 s
95%50 s
90%45 s
85%40 s
80%35 s
75%30 s
70%25 s
60%20 s
50%15 s
40%5 s
The efficiency is not relevant in bonus levels.
Combo bonus (the score for a hit is multiplied x2, x3, x4, etc) - for killing an alien within 2 seconds since the previous kill Time bonus for completing a level. The amount of points is in proportion to the time taken (within some limits), e.g. you get 2x points for completing the level 2x faster
Game over condition Timeout 10 aliens escape through the triangular "portal" Losing all ships
Power-ups Can be won in bonus levels (various conditions) Acquired by shooting the box Picked up after destroying the asteroid or alien.
Bonus ship after every 5000 points.

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