Arcade Reality

for iPhone + Palm Treo/Centro

9 Oct 2009 - Arcade Reality for iPhone
Arcade Reality is now available in the AppStore
Unlike the Palm version, it uses compass and accelerometer for detecting motion (because iPhone applications are not allowed to read live video from camera). This means you need the new iPhone 3GS to play the game.
See it on YouTube!


Currently the game is compatible with the following devices:

Free evaluation version

Download Arcade Reality for Palm - ArcadeReality-1.2.prc, 805 KB, version 1.2 (for Palm)

This version lets you enter the world of Arcade Reality, but not all levels and game modes can be played.
Please purchase the full version to see more :-)

Older versions: ArcadeReality-1.0.prc, ArcadeReality-1.1.prc

The full version

Go to AppStore for iPhone version

Purchase Palm version
All future upgrades are free regardless of any price changes for new versions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it work on Zire 72? Treo 600? Windows Mobile Treos?
A: No, it's only for the high resultion PalmOS-based Treo models. I'm working on supporting more devices :-)

Q: How to upgrade?
A: Just install the new version without deleting the previous one (this will automatically preserve your highscores, settings, and the registration status).

Q: How do I know when there is a new version available?
A: Subscribe to this RSS feed to get information about the Arcade Reality updates or this one if you are interested in other Toyspring games as well. (What is RSS?)


29 Jun 2007 - Arcade Reality Competition - Win $150 !
Post the BEST Arcade Reality Video and win $150 of ClickPayGo Gift Vouchers.

  • Comment on this Clickgamer blog (free ClickPayGo account required) adding your video in order to enter the competition
  • Post the most interesting, amusing, scary video (etc) - anything to impress the judges
  • Don't forget to make use of the new Arcade Reality custom aliens feature
  • The deadline is 1st August 2007
  • Judges decision are final
  • Competition is open to everyone - no purchase necessary

  • Clickgamer blog
  • Arcade Reality on YouTube
  • 22 Jun 2007 - Arcade Reality v1.2 Released
  • Customization - turns any objects into Arcade Reality aliens!
    - Use the camera or any previously taken photo
    - Create multiple alien sets
    - Share with your friends via bluetooth or email
  • New titlebar
  • improved low memory conditions handling

    See it on YouTube!
  • 28 Feb 2007 - Arcade Reality v1.1
  • bitmap aliens now explode in a much more enjoyable way
  • aliens which are almost dead (one laser shot to kill) show their damage by emitting smoke
  • autotargetting option - makes the ship or RC rocket automaticaly turn toward the target when there is a green targetting rectangle (this is meant as a way to make the asteroids mode easier)
  • you can use the treo side button to fire
  • reverse up/down controls option
  • asteroids mode game space is now slightly smaller (=easier)

    ©2007 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING