Arcade Reality

for iPhone + Palm Treo/Centro


It shows the map of the surrounding space depicting all moving and stationary objects. The dot in the center 1 is your own location.
When the object is above or below you, its dot has a line going down or up, respectively (and looking like a pin). e.g.: (compare the picture above)


This is your basic weapon. It can work in two modes: laser and plasma. Each cannon shot costs you a bit of energy (as shown on the energy meter). The energy regenerates slowly when the cannon is not used. Incoming shots, especially those incoming from the front of you also deplete the cannon energy.



There are 2 kinds of rockets: Both rockets types can also work as unguided missiles at short distances - simply aim at the target and launch.
Both rockets can be detonated manually before reaching the target, this can be useful when the rocket is about to miss - but the explosion blast could destroy the target.



Shield will temporarily protect you against incoming shots. Note that it also blocks your own weapons. While the enemies cannot really kill you in this game (except in the Asteroids Mode), the shield can be useful as the incoming shots disturb the view and soak the cannon energy.

Asteroids Mode features a completely different shield, protecting the whole ship. One shield "shot" lasts for 7 seconds. This kind of shield can be also used as the offensive weapon (by battering).


Scout ship

Is controlled like the Remote Controlled Rocket with the following additions: Keys:


These boxes contain power-ups.

Big Gun

This is a very powerful alien weapon, that can be occasionally acquired during the game.


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