Arcade Reality

for iPhone + Palm Treo/Centro

©2007 Szymon Ulatowski
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Starting with Arcade Reality v1.2 you can change the look of the aliens - and it is as simple as taking a photo! Now any everyday object can become your enemy in the game.

Customized alien pictures are grouped into "Alien Sets". You can switch between different sets by selecting them from the list (in "Settings / Custom Aliens"). Alien sets can be transferred between devices by beaming, bluetooth or email (click "Send" once inside the set).

Creating your own alien set:

  1. Go to "Settings/Custom Aliens"
  2. Click "Create new set"
  3. You can adjust the name by clicking "Change name..."
  4. Select which of 4 available aliens will be customized.
  5. Select "Take a new photo"
  6. Point at some object and press the center key
  7. Now you have to cut out the transparent regions (background) leaving only the object. Press the center key when done.
  8. Done! Now you can start the game and see your newly created alien attacking you!

Editing Transparency

Preparing the devil duckie alien in the transparency editor
Our goal here is to remove the background so the object looks natural when used in the game.

Click on the image to see how the background disappears under your stylus. This is the "Eraser" mode (button ). If you accidentaly erase part of the object, switch to "Brush" mode (button ) to fix it. In both modes you can also adjust the pen size (click below the buttons) - useful when you need to cut a complicated shape precisely.

Three buttons on the right control how the work area is displayed:

The last button toggles the contrast enhance mode. Turn it off if your object should be deliberately low contrast.


©2007 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING