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Find your celebrity twin!

HashThySelf is a new kind of search engine based on a patent pending concept and method. On the realization that identity matches are of interest only to a select few (probably in CSI Miami and the like), we decided to architect a solution for the rest of us who are simply interested in likeness matches. We also decided to add a unique character to the service making it fun (some say difficult) to use and easy to recognize. When you submit a photo, our Hashing engines search the web for other photos, hopefully of well known people, that are similar to the one you provided. You then get a list of "hits" or ranked matches to your submission on the results page. HashThySelf is built around this idea.

How to use

It is as easy as pointing the Treo at your friend's face! Do you like it? There is also a mobile Zetangole game built on this technology.


HashThySelf v1.0 supports Palm Treo 700p, 650 and 600. Other devices may be added in the future


Here are some tips:


HashThySelf v1.0 from Clickgamer.com (105K, supports Treo 700p, 650 and 600)


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