for Palm Treo

Play the best ice-breaking, team-building, mobile party-game in years!

Zetangole™ is a patent pending, celebrity-look-alike game. The game judges which contestant looks most like a target celebrity.

This revolutionary concept brings together recent advances in AI, Game Theory and Psychology, leveraging the latest and the greatest in Mobile Communication, Broadband, and Web 2.0 to deliver a most satisfying game play experience with practically no learning to play.

How to play

Do you like it? There is also a standalone HashThySelf application built on this technology.


Zetangole v1.0 supports Palm Treo 650 and 600. Other devices may be added in the future

Buy now!

The evaluation version only allows you to play 5 rounds with the same celebrities each time.
Purchase the full version now to get different, randomly chosen targets and up to 10 rounds in each game.

Other payment options:

Problems with game play?

Here are some tips:


Zetangole-1.0.zip - (100K, supports Treo 650 and Treo 600)


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